3RU has it’s own logo

Posted by Gareth Clegg | 25 Mar 2014

3RU – the Resuscitation Rapid Response Unit – has enlisted the help of graphic designer Scott Crookston (crookstn@gmail.com) to design a logo as part of the RRU’s branding. Scott has come up with a striking piece of work which the team will wear with pride.

Scott explains the inspiration for the logo:

“The visual identity was created to establish 3RU’s introductory impact into the medical community. The aim was to enable an instant connection between 3RU’s values and a visual identity. Using 5 keys elements that 3RU embodies – quality, leadership, communication, teamwork and consistency.

The development of the identity lead to it taking shape of a human heart which felt right when establishing a visual for the team. The three sections represent the teamwork and unity, helping to create an overall picture. The identity has a flow that echoes 3RU’s continual drive to develop and maintain a professional consistency.

3RU are a committed group who are bold in the pursuit for success. The time was right for the creation of a visual identity that embodies their belief system and now helps to establish them within the medical community.”

Filming for 3RU ‘Perfect 10’ Demo

Posted by Steven Short | 25 Mar 2014

Friday 14th March 2014 was spent at Peffermill Pitches with members of the 3RU team— The professional guys from daysix and the amateur film directors of RRG (Gareth, Shortie, Rachael and eventually Richard) recorded a “Perfect 10” demo for the Edinburgh Cardiac Arrest Conference. The acting skills of Nikki, Robin, Richard, Noss, Mark, Claire and Donald were stretched to the limits while the team demonstrated and excellent resuscitation ala 3RU.

The result is an excellent looking demo for the day.

Dispatch conference

Posted by Richard Lyon | 25 Mar 2014

The inaugural European Emergency Medical Dispatch conference was held at the Karolinka Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 2013. The conference was supported by the European Resuscitation Council. The Resuscitation Research Group are passionate about dispatch research and have a unique collaboration with the Psychology Department at Edinburgh University. The team from Edinburgh had the chance to present some of their initial findings in Stockholm and also take a lead on publishing a synopsis of the conference in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine.

Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 2013, 21:73 doi:10.1186/1757-7241-21-73

The inaugural European emergency medical dispatch conference – a synopsis of proceedings. Richard M Lyon, Katarina Bohm, Erika Frischknecht Christensen, Theresa M Olasveengen and Maaret Castrén

BMJ awards 2014

Posted by Richard Lyon | 27 Feb 2014

The 3RU team has made the final shortlist for the prestigious 2014 British Medical Journal Group Awards in the category ‘Emergency Medicine Team of the Year’. Colin and Richard travelled to BMA House in London to give a presentation to the expert judging panel, on behalf of the 3RU team. The result will be announced at the BMJ Awards night ceremony on May 8th in London. The 3RU team are really excited to be attending!